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(Click on map for interactive version from W.Va. Department of Administration.)

Guide to buildings at the West Virginia Capitol Complex​, from the Department of Administration's General Services Division.

Frequent​ly Asked Questions

Where do I enter the State Capitol building (Building 1)?
Visitors may enter Building 1 at either of the Directed Public Access Points, located midway through the East and West wings. Please see below for information about the process for entering the building.

Where can I park?
Metered spaces for the public are available along California Avenue on the East side of the Capitol Complex; Greenbrier Street on the complex's West side; and in the lot on the North end of the complex adjacent to the employee parking garage.

Note: Parking may be limited when the Legislature is in session.

The Capitol Complex also features a drop-off/pick-up loop for buses and visitors, accessible from the entrance to the campus at the Greenbrier Street-Washington Street East intersection. No parking is allowed in the loop, except for the limited accessible parking for Gift Shop patrons.​ Click here for turnaround loop information​.

The turnaround loop is available daily from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.
 ​It also features a "Safe Zone," a designated location for child custody exchanges, e-commerce transactions and the like.​​​

What are the rules for entering Capitol Complex buildings?
Anyone without an electronic access card is subject to screening for prohibited items upon entry. This applies to members of the public, anyone making deliveries or conducting official business, contractors or vendors and employees entering through the public access points.​The screening process involves passing through a magnetometer and placing any items that may set off the magnetometer into provided containers. Briefcases, purses, backpacks, packages and the like are placed through an X-ray machine. 

What items are prohibited on the Capitol Complex grounds and buildings?
It is unlawful for any person to bring upon the State Capitol Complex any deadly weapon as defined in W.Va. Code §61-7-2.

Firearms are prohibited in all buildings and on the grounds of the Capitol Complex, however, persons who may lawfully possess a firearm may keep a firearm in his or her motor vehicle upon the State Capitol Complex if the vehicle is locked and the weapon is out of normal view: 
A person may not carry upon the State Capitol Complex a cannister of pepper spray as defined in §61-7-2 that exceeds one ounce.
Weapons may be carried by federal, state, or local law enforcement officers or security personnel who, because of the nature of their work, are duly authorized to possess a firearm while engaged in their official capacity.

In addition to the items listed in W.Va. Code §61-7-2, the following items and activities are prohibited on the Capitol Complex:
- Fireworks or explosives
- Signs attached to sticks
- Sticks
- Tactical helmets
- Shields
- Illegal drugs, controlled substances and alcoholic beverages
- Camping
- Cooking
- Drones​
  • - Water guns or pistols
  • - Bullhorns, megaphones, airhorns, or similar items
  • - Unapproved public address systems
  • - Unapproved Musical Instruments
  • Other noise making devices deemed to be carried for creating disturbances
    - Other items that appear to pose a risk to people or property

Note: Coolers and backpacks are subject to search upon the Complex grounds.​

What happens if I am found with a prohibited item during a screening?

Individuals cannot enter with prohibited items. Screening personnel will not store,​or otherwise dispose of prohibited items.​
That is the responsibility of the individual carrying such items.

How do I report an emergency while visiting the Capitol Complex?

Dial 911, or the Command Center at (304) 558-9911. All on-complex emergency calls are coordinated by the Command Center with Metro911 to provide a timely and efficient response. In-person requests for services may be reported to any Capitol Police Officer. State agencies may contact the Command Center for any law enforcement assistance.​