Capitol Complex Access Information


The Division of Protective Services (DPS), Capitol Police, manages proximity or access card control for most secure and non-secure state buildings. Only agency card access coordinators can request a modification or that an access card be issued to a state employee or contractor.  Contractors and vendors are required to coordinate with the agency coordinators they are performing work for to obtain access. All Dock and Main Complex Bollard access must be pre-arranged.

​​​​​​​​​Capitol Complex Access Card Forms

​The following forms are to be printed and filled out for access credentials ​for state office buildings and for federal/state background checks:

State of W​est Virginia Employee Access Card R​equest (DPS Form 12) includes request for replacement and modified cards.

Vendor Background Check Packet​

Deliveries and Pick Up Loading Dock Access

​Deliveries/pick-up vehicles are limited to regular business hours and bulk type delivery/pick-up only and must be pre-scheduled. Bulk type delivery/pick up is defined as that which would necessitate the use of wheeled delivery equipment (i.e. hand trucks, flat-bed dollies, etc.) or that would otherwise be burdensome to carry in/carryout from agency-designated or the public parking areas of the Capitol grounds or surrounding areas. ​All deliveries/pick-ups must be pre-scheduled in advance through the Capitol Police Command Center by the receiving state agency. Consistency is important for regularly scheduled deliveries/pick-ups. If the vehicle or driver changes, the Capitol Police Command Center needs to be notified in advance. Drivers are to pick up or unload cargo and remove vehicles from the dock area immediately.    

The following information must be provided to the Capitol Police Command Center: 

1) State agency responsible point of contact, phone number and time of arrival.  

2) Company name and vehicle information including make/model, license number and color/marking  

3) Vehicle driver name. 

Service vehicles must also provide their job site location and worker contact information. A pre-clearance daily schedule is compiled from this information and any vehicle not on the daily schedule is subject to denial of access to the Capitol grounds.  ​